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Leschyshyn Refuses To Get Old

Former Avalanche player Curtis Leschyshyn (also one of the best last names in hockey history) is not content with playing golf during his retirement from hockey.  No sir.  

In fact, Leschyshyn has pursued a slightly more demanding athletic outlet: triathlon.

While not a strong swimmer (how many people really are?), he does excel at the bike, which is obvious considering how much time NHL players spend on stationary bikes.

Coming from somewhat of a cycling background, Leschyshyn showed his strength during the 62-kilometre cycling portion as he propelled himself into the lead after an understandably slower swim time of 37 minutes.

Not too shabby, really.  It would take me a lot longer than 37 minutes to swim two miles---if I made it at all.  

More power to him.

(via Kukla's Korner)