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Avalanche Weekly

Thanks to Gary Glitter, there actually were several Avalanche related articles last week. Colorado's season ticket holder survey was covered by Terry Frei, Adrian Dater and Jibblescribbits.


In (arguably) more pertinent news, the doctor starts a good discussion at Mile High Hockey on whether or not Budaj will be up to the task this year. Jibblescribbits makes a case for signing - *gag* - Michael Peca. And that ITCS guy offered some point projections for the Avs this year - a desperate ploy to fill dead web air if I ever saw one.

Jori continues to offer her expertise on the Avalanche prospect front. She has notes on the 5 Avs at the US Junior Evaluation Camp, talks about the signing deadline, points us to a great article on recent draftees Kevin Shattenkirk and Colby Cohen and still has time left over to give us some good photos of sweaty, Avalanche prospects. Also on the subject of prospects, the Lake Erie Monsters's schedule is out.

Finally, Joe's humorous Avalanche Stuff Watch (which we know if funny because it's trademarked) has a new installment, as well as a quick look at triathalete Curtis Leschyshyn.

Not a bad output of Avalanche reading considering the dead zone we've been stuck in for a month now.