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SB Nation Welcomes...uh...Tolerates New Wings Blog

Well, you knew it had to happen eventually.  SB Nation continues its expansion into the National Hockey League with its newest hockey blog, the third so far.  That's great news!  Unfortunately, the bad news is it's a Dead Wings blog.  

Christy, whom some of you may know from her original blog Behind The Jersey, will be the author of Winging It In Motown.  If she wasn't so ridiculously nice I'd suggest that we harass her and make her feel unwelcome, but she is, so I won't.*  Instead, I'll extend the olive branch (for now) to the new blog with the exception that I will be forced to call it "Slinging It In EmptyTown" henceforth.  Slinging as in slinging feces, or poo, if you will.  You get the idea.

So, welcome aboard Christy, and congratulations on having a way cooler site graphic than I have.

And may your team lose 80 games this season.

*For further reference on how disarmingly nice Christy can be, even when she's dissing the Avs, listen to the radio interview we did for the NPR show Weekend America a couple of months back.