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Official Mile High Hockey Wiki Thread

Dear members (and anonymous readers) of Mile High Hockey,  today I am launching a comprehensive user guide and reference page for this blog, the Mile High Hockey Wiki Site.

This blog will no doubt grow substantially in the coming months, and in order to help the casual user get acquainted with the site and its intricacies (as well as its themes and inside jokes), I've created a handy little reference source.

Take your time, browse the content.

This thread will serve as the official thread for the site, so if you notice anything missing that should be included, be sure to post a comment here and let me know.  At the current time I am not allowing anyone but myself to edit the site due to concerns about vandalism (I can't watch it 24/7), but I do encourage any and all advice on how to make it better.  Quality suggestions will be implemented as soon as humanly possible.

So, again, cruise around the site (it won't take long at this point) and let me know what needs to be added.  Thanks!