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"Ugly" gets a new dictionary photo

Many years ago, it was a New York Islanders fan who introduced me to hockey. This was during the glory years of Bossy, Trottier, Potvin, Smith...that list could go on. While I never became much of a fan of the team myself, it's still kind of sad to see the franchise turn into such a bloody mess in the last few years.


Fittingly, the lousy team has been sporting some awful jerseys recently. Obviously, the most famous example of this is the fisherman, although their garish orange alternates are a close second. Well, lest you think someone with fashion sense has finally become associated with the team, the Islanders have unveiled their new jerseys, and yes, they are a complete mess. Wow. It's like a Crayola factory exploded. For the record, the thought in Rick DiPietro's head is "only 14 more years of having to wear this junk."

One interesting tidbit:

"The Islanders, along with four other teams, feature numbers on the front"

Sounds like there will be five teams going to a Sabres' style front numbers. Buffalo and the Islanders are two. Dallas is rumored to be a third. That leaves two other teams going to the front-number look (a format I like, for the record).

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