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Lonely Swedes Seek Forsberg Companionship

Apparently, the Swedes in Vancouver just want a little compatriot companionship.  TSN reported yesterday that Swede Markus Naslund, the former superstar now just sucking up cap space on the Canucks, is trying to sweet-talk Peter Forsberg.  

That makes the list of Foppa suitors five long: the Avs, Flyers, Senators, Red Wings and now the Canucks.

Forsberg has played with Naslund on the MODO hockey team in their native country, and won a gold medal with Naslund's teammates Daniel and Henrik Sedin at the 2006 Olympics.

This appears to be a running (slightly poetic) theme this offseason:  if there are Swedes on the team, Forsberg is on the radar screen, so to speak.

I guess Swedes just get lonely.