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Tommy The Enforcer Strikes Again

From now on, I'm going to refer to ubiquitous Avalanche fan and blog/message board commenter "Thomas" as "The Enforcer."  No other fan of the Avalanche seems to cause as much ire, ill-will and frustration on the Internet than he does, so he has definitely earned the title.

As for his latest escapades, again we turn to Abel To Yzerman, where the original discussion was about the Forsberg-to-Detroit rumors.  Somehow it devolved into an argument about creationism and the influence of the Religious Right in schools:

As for the teaching of Creationism, that belongs in schools. It’s a viable theory, just like Evolution. It has its holes, just like Evolution. It hasn’t been proven, and neither has Evolution. It is logically sound, just like Evolution.

Regardless of what merits that statement has or does not have, it seems like an odd thing to write in the comments section of a hockey blog.  I definitely wouldn't allow it here (seriously, go somewhere else for that), but it's fun to read anyway.

Luckily, a little later Thomas regains his composure and returns to the task at hand---berating everyone else:

See, for some unknown reason, you seem to think that this is a Wings blog. It’s not. I look at the Wings with indifference. They make some good moves, and I praise them for them. They make some bad moves, and I criticize them for them. Their fans add some useful information from time to time, and then they post a bunch of inane drivel 99% of the time.

Just because you and your Kool-Aid mustache don’t want to accept what I am saying as the truth doesn’t make my comments any less true.

I can't get enough of this guy.  Thomas, if you happen to stumble across Mile High Hockey, I encourage you to become a member and start posting comments.  Despite the restrictions on personal insults and condescension (not to mention religious discussions) in the Community Guidelines, I think we could find a place for you here at MHH.  You are a top quality BOF (Blender Of Feces).

Just keep us in mind.  We'd love to have you along.