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Avalanche Rounds Out Monsters Roster

In earth-shattering, ground-breaking news, the Avalanche have signed two more players to their extended roster.  

Notre Dame graduate and defenseman Wes O'Neill signed a three year contract, and will no doubt play on the blueline for the Lake Erie Monsters this coming season.  He's tall (6-4) but a little scrawny for his height at just 200 pounds.  There is little doubt that his new Cleveland assignment will come with many heaping plates of steak and eggs in addition to long bus rides.

Also signed is veteran free agent center Wyatt Smith, who played 61 games (6 points) with the Minnesota Wild last season.   He's no superstar, but Smith has anchored my franchise's minor league team on NHL 2K7 for several seasons now and is an effective scorer at the AHL level.  Well, he is in the video game.  He's going to need to be in real life, too, because that's where he'll be playing, along with Jose Theodore.

(Sorry, just had to throw that last bit in there.)