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Avalanche Weekly

Another relatively busy week in the Avosphere...and another week where all the content is from places other than the Cheap Seats. I'll probably continue to be light on content here until the season rolls around, at which point I'll be posting so much between here and Mile High Hockey that you will all be quite sick of me.


Joe at Mile High started things off last week with an interesting look at Andrew Brunette. Jori (Avs Prospects) dug up a couple of articles on one of my favorite players - Jeff Finger. Somehow, I missed the signing of former Wild Wyatt Smith. Last season, Smith scored his first NHL goal in 3 years (and nearly 100 games) guessed it...the Avs. Smith, a 30-year old forward, is joining his 5th NHL franchise. While he's probably tabbed for the AHL, it wouldn't shock me to see him earn some time on the 4th line with the big club.

Speaking of the Avs farm system, the team has a new ECHL affiliate - the Johnstown Chiefs. Yay, I guess. In prospect news, three guys I know nothing about have become free agents. Or, maybe just two guys. Finally, Jori (who else) has found a nice article on Tom Fritsche.

As always, the former Avalanche content remains strong. Joe and Adrian Dater both take a look at recently retired Mike Ricci. Oh, and that Forsberg guy is still doing the Roger Clemens Waiting Game™. This week, the Senators and Markus Naslund both express interest. That's, what? 7 teams down, 23 to go? Oh, and one other ex-Av was in the news as well. Former assistant coach Rick Tocchet dodges prison time for his gambling conviction.

The Avs' TV schedule has been released, giving everyone plenty of time to get their eye-rolling muscles up to speed well in advance of having to endure Pierre McGuire.

Finally, while I generally stick to just Avalanche content, Jibblescribbits' NHL preview is too funny to not include.