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Does Tiger Woods Play Hockey?

Wolski Tees Up. Fore!
Because there is absolutely nothing going on anywhere in the hockey world right now, and especially not in the world of the Colorado Avalanche, I'm pretty much out of things to post about.  It happens.  It's never a good thing, but it happens.

One thing that is going on, however, is golf.  While I don't play golf myself---or really think it's even a sport, honestly---I know that many hockey players absolutely live for it in the offseason.  I guess it would make sense, considering how relentlessly white the sport can be.

I suppose I can appreciate the quiet peacefulness of strolling around in big, well-cut, tree-lined fields on bright summer days.  I suppose I can recognize the skill and concentration it requires to place a tiny ball into a tiny hole from four football fields away using only a stick.  But really, it's a stretch to consider it athletic.

Whatever the reason, hockey players love their golf.  In honor of that, I present to you the photo to the right: Wojtek Wolski playing golf.

Oh, and if you were ever unsure, his name is correctly pronounced "Voy-tehk Vahlskee".  Fore!