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Hradek Digs The New Avs

EJ Hradek of ESPN has posted an extremely favorable report on the prospects of the Avalanche as part of his ongoing team preview series.  

The additions of Smyth and Hannan will more than offset the free-agent losses of center Brett McLean and journeymen defensemen Ken Klee and Patrice Brisebois.

Last spring, the Avs missed the postseason by a single point. I believe the club's new additions are more than capable of making up that small difference. Come April, Sakic and Co. will be back in familiar territory -- the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Well, duh.  Every time I think signing up for ESPN Insider is a good deal, I realize that I would never pay for "insights" as obvious as this.  The Avs will undoubtedly be better this coming season.  No doubt about it.