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Avalanche Weekly

Another week has come and gone in the world of the Colorado Avalanche.


The Avs have signed Wyatt Smith and Wes O'Neill. Note that the press release was from Assistant GM Greg Sherman instead of JF Giguere; that's usually a strong indicator that these guys are slated for Lake Erie, not Colorado. O'Neill will be attending the Avs rookie camp, running from September 8th to the 11th. Kevin Shattenkirk and Colby Cohen have just had their 1,000,000th article written about them playing together for BU; congratulations, guys. In other minor league news, Tapeleg is excited about the Slap Shot tie-ins for the new ECHL affiliate ("who oooowns da Chiefs?"). Oh, and former Canuck Rick Lanz has become our new western scout.

The Bertuzzi-Moore saga refuses to end as we inch closer to a civil trial on the ugly matter.

In lighter news, Pierre Turgeon was enshrined into the Little League Hall of Excellence. Considering how often the Chris Drury Little League tie in was forced on us, I'm surprised I didn't know of Turgeon's Greatness In A Sport I Care Nothing About. One interesting tidbit in the TSN article on the Turgeon: "He's a free agent now. With training camp looming, Turgeon said he needs to make a decision in the next couple weeks on whether he wants to continue playing hockey." I guess I assumed his retirment was already a done deal.

The question marks over Peter Budaj continue. Jibblescribbits thinks that Ilya Bryzgalov would be a nice insurance policy in case Budaj falters. Meanwhile, Joe just likes Bryzgalov because he's funny.

Some crazy man who writes for the Ottawa Citizen thinks that the Avs have the 2nd ugliest jerseys in the league. Whatever.

Finally, a humble little hockey blog turned one last week. In the cheap seats debuted on August 23rd with this little post about the Bruin's third jerseys. 240 posts and many, many words later, and I'm still at it and having a blast.