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Avalanche Stuff Watch™

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[In this recurring feature, Mile High Hockey scours the Internets for the coolest, most unique and/or most ridiculous Colorado Avalanche merchandise.  You're welcome.]

Item #1:

There is a lot of Avalanche-branded apparel available on the web.  Some of it is very cool, and some of it is not.  Most definitely in the cool category is this Avs apron, perfect for those long tailgating sessions outside the Pepsi Center in the dead of winter.  A steal at $19.99.

Item #2:

If an apron doesn't totally satisfy your logo-covered cooking needs, you could always buy this Colorado Avalanche Chef Cookie Jar.  Talk about a classy addition to any kitchen!  Yours today for the low, low price of $39.99, and worth every penny.

Item #3:

We turn now to head wear, as in hats.  I wear an Avalanche hat on a regular basis, and I'm always on the lookout for new additions to my team hat collection.  I think I've found two definite keepers.  First is this classy, not-at-all-ugly "Graf-x Rage Cap," which sounds as sophisticated as it looks.  I'd recommend wearing it with a suit.  Second is this unique little gem, perfect for cold winter days.  $29.99 is a low price to pay for all of that classiness.

Item #4:

Finally we come to an item likely more appropriate for a Dead Wings fan than a supporter of the Avalanche.  It's an Avs door mat.  For those insidious fools who refuse to support the greatest team in hockey, this mat lets them defiantly rub their feet on the most beautiful hockey team logo ever designed.  It should be illegal to buy this, not only because it costs $55.  However, Detroit fans probably couldn't afford it anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.