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The Mystery Avalanche Jersey Design

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In my "research" for the most recent Avalanche Stuff Watch™ post, I came across this Colorado Avalanche jersey, currently up for bid on eBay.  I've never seen anything like it:

It's not a new RBK Edge jersey that got leaked somehow, nor is it anything the Avs actually wore in a game (to my knowledge---I could be wrong).  It has a CCM logo on the back and sleeve, but there are no other distinguishing features to be seen.  Does anyone have any idea what the story is behind this?


UPDATE: Draft Dodger pointed out (in the comments) that this is most likely just a counterfeit.  Now that I look at it, the Avs logo is about three shades of red brighter than the burgundy on the sleeves.  This is most definitely just a fake.  My bad.