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Avalanche Rookie Camp: Know Your Role

Some players are graceful scorers.  Others are smooth playmakers.  Some are finely-tuned, positional go-to guys.  And then there are some that are just grinding, down-and-dirty grunts.

When you're a young hockey player trying your best to shine among dozens of others at your first or second NHL-level rookie camp, you've got to do everything you can to stand out.

Sometimes, if you're not one of those super-talented scoring types, that means picking a fight with another guy you'll likely end up playing alongside in the coming months.  

Case in point: Mitch Love and Brandon Straub on the second day of Avalanche Rookie Camp in Centennial, Colorado.

YouTube user cazzy21 was kind enough to provide video of the action, which, from their position relatively far away from the tussle, seemed pretty even, despite the noticeable size difference of the combatants.

Good work, fellas.  Neither of you will likely spend any time in the NHL this year, but at least you're making the effort.  Just remember that you're ultimately teammates, you know?

And watch the face...