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Avalanche Weekly: Rookie Camp

Rookie camp is here.

Before we start with the rookie links, there's a touch of non-rookie business to get out of the way. Pierre Turgeon officially retired, something most of us thought he did months ago. And, Ian Laperriere has signed a one-year extension, keeping him in an Avalanche uniform until the spring of 2009.


Speaking of Avalanche uniforms, this Wednesday the new Avalanche Reebok design is introduced. Reebok jerseys have been rather hit and miss so far. I'm really hoping Reebok doesn't fuck up one of the coolest jerseys in the league. The Lake Monsters' new duds didn't exactly instill me with confidence.

OK, on to rookie camp. A great resource is Jori's Avs Prospects blog, and many of these links can be found on her site, including this list of participants.

Day 1: The official recap is here. Jori's recap had raves for TJ Hensick, mixed reviews for Chris Stewart and not-so-great things to say about Vladimir Denisov. Woodchub also has a great Day 1 recap, complete with photos. Lowayne also has a writeup over at Mile High Hockey. His biggest compliments were aimed at Kyle Cumiskey, and he provides some video as well. Be sure to check the comments of that article, as thedoctor weighs in with some insights of his own. Excellent reading all around.

Day 2: Again, the Avs have an official recap here. Jori again has her own breakdown. And woodchub has another photo-filled recap up. So far, it seems like Kyle Cumiskey is turning a lot of heads this summer.

And it doesn't end with the stellar recaps. There are also a ton of articles on many of the players participating in rookie camp. So far, we have articles on Ray Macias, Trevor Cann, J.D. Corbin, Chris Stewart, Brandon Straub and, finally, a general look at rookie camp. Whew.

If you STILL have free time after reading through all that, the Avs are now in round 3 of the silly Tournament of Logos contest thingy. They are facing the Oilers this round and, as of this writing, taking a beating.