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Rookie Camp Ends, Fun Just Starting For The Avs

So the four-day Avalanche Rookie Camp is over, and some of the guys really worked their asses off.  Chris Stewart, TJ Hensick, Kyle Cumiskey and Cody McLeod were the real standouts, and they all have a good chance of being invited to take part in the real deal, the Avalanche Team Training Camp that starts on Friday.

Another player with at least an outside shot of getting an invite is goalie Tyler Weiman.  In fact, look for two goalies to get invited since Jose Theodore won't be in attendance because of recent knee surgery (and not general suckitude, this time).  

Weiman, while still very much an NHL rookie, is an old vet when it comes to rookie training camps.  This year's edition was his sixth.  In this article over at the Avalanche main site, he talks about what it's like to have attended every camp since 2002, when he was drafted into the team's system.

For more on the Rookie Camp, check out Woodchub's brief summary at the Avalanche message board.

Tomorrow is a big day as the Avalanche unveil their new RBK Edge uniforms.  The new jerseys already made public around the league have been truly hit or miss so far, and the Avalanche could really foul things up if they take too many liberties with a design that's long been a fan-favorite.

Expect a full analysis here, even if it's a little late in the evening.  You'll have to give me time to digest the team's new look, of course, so be patient.  Trust me, if the new uniforms suck, I won't take it easy on the Avs.  Let's hope that's not the case and I have to spend a whole entry drooling on the keyboard.