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Avalanche Training Camp To Begin Today

The Avalanche is all set to hold their annual pre-season training camp, starting today at 0900 MDT.  

For more info on the roster, the rookies not invited and the rest of the pre-season schedule, go here.

As for the possible line combinations, something Coach Joel Quenneville has never set in stone during his years as Colorado coach, Coach Q says:

We’re going to find out in camp and we’ll be finding out during games as we go along. We’ve got ideas of who’s going to play with who, but certainly sometimes a guy comes off early to get his skate done, so you put another guy on that line and the line scores a goal. So you try again and they immediately capture some chemistry. But I think we’ve got some ideas - whether we play Ryan with Joe - but we’ll see as we go along. We should have three lines that can all score and everyone’s going to be expected to score.

Less talk, more rock.  I think the Avalanche has a ton of flexibility now that the team's offensive lineup is one of the deepest in the entire NHL.  They could try a different pairing for every line and it wouldn't make much difference.  Let's just get this show on the road already.