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The rest of the jerseys unveiled

EA Sports NHL '08 is out. It includes all the new jerseys, locked until all the jerseys are unveiled and EA releases an unlocking code. Of course, it was hacked in about 48 hours. Here's a site with all the AHL and NHL jerseys.

The Oilers are adopting the ridiculous new apron look RBK is shoving down everyone's throats, although they look much less tacky than the Avs jersey.

Chicago join Boston, Montreal and Detroit in proving that the new jerseys don't have to be ugly (hear that, Colorado brass?) . And St Louis looks ridiculous.

Now that I've seen them all, I think my favorites might be the Sharks. I already was digging the new logo, and the jerseys look equally sharp to me. I don't know that I'll be buying a new jersey soon, but, if I did, I think it might be a San Jose jersey. Honorable mention goes to the Stars. Their black home jersey has gotten mostly negative reviews (missing in that screenshot is the player's number in the center of the jersey) . Personally, I think it's a rather cool idea. However, it's the Stars; they are on the shortlist of teams I despise so much that I can't buy their jersey. Plus, to get the full effect (the number on the front), I'd have to shell out for a personalized jersey. I like the duds...but not that much.

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