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Colorado 6, Los Angeles 3 Recap (Preseason)

The Avs are now 2-0 in the preseason, as they doubled up on the Los Angeles Kings 6-3. Again, I didn't see the game in person, but, with the box score and event summary, I can make a few observation...although the box score is pretty screwed up. I hope the NHL figures out whatever is plaguing them by the time regular season starts, because the errors in the score sheets are ridiculous.


The Avs were good on the powerplay. They had either 1, 3 or 4 powerplay goals depending on which stat you are looking at. It appears that it's at least 3, and that's great. One caveat - it looks like Quenneville is sticking with Sakic as one of the point men (he was on the ice with Stastny, Smyth and Brunette when 3 PP goals were scored). I'm not a huge fan of the 4 forward route, but, if it's working, I won't complain. Yet.

Ian Laperriere fought the King's Brian Boyle. Boyle is listed as 6'6", 222. Dale Purinton also fought someone (if there was a penalty given to an LA player, it ain't in the box score) and was kicked out of the game. I believe Cleveland fans will really enjoy Dale's work this year. (Purinton and David Jones were sent down after the game).

The Avs were 47% on faceoffs. Do I need to keep harping on the fact that they did nothing to address this area this summer?

TJ Hensick had 3 points and Hlinka had an assist. It looks like the pair played with Paul Stastny and got a decent amount of ice time for the 2nd straight game. Hlinka seems like a strong bet to make the roster. I don't think there's going to be room for Hensick, but I bet he's the first call up if there's an injury this season.

As near as I can tell, the lines were as follows:

  1. Smyth - Sakic - Brunette

  2. Hlinka - Stastny - Hensick

  3. Wolski - Guite - Laperriere

  4. Rycroft - Smith - Healey

  1. Clark - Hannan

  2. Liles - Finger

  3. Cumiskey - Purinton (at least until Purinton got tossed from the game)

It's nice to see Finger and Liles playing together. That was a really solid combination last year. Finger had 6 blocked shots in the game. Oh, and Brett Clark (the hack) led the team in TOI. Imagine that.