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You know I'm a fan of the team, and I'm not against talking up your players a little bit. There is a line, though, when optimistic reality devolves into misguided fantasy and Craig Stancher crossed it in this little piece on the Avs official site. At issue is the section on Tyler Arnason:

He [Armason] expects to play much the same role as he did a year ago; that of a valuable two-way forward who is vital to the team’s success.

"I think I’ll be able to add some scoring to the third line and work hard not to get scored on," said Arnason. "Basically the same role I played last year."

Two-way forward? Are we talking about the same guy? Because I'm thinking about the Tyler Arnason who won just 43% of his faceoffs last year, recorded just 2 hits, and was a team worst -8. There are a lot of ways you can describe Tyler Arnason. Many of them are favorable. "Two-way forward" is not - nor will it likely ever be - one of them. Let's not get too carried away, Craig.