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Avalanche Weekly

It was a rather busy week in the Avosphere. And, with rookie camp starting this Saturday and training camp getting underway next Thursday, things should really start kicking into high gear. After all, the Avs opener is just a month away!

The biggest news out of Denver was the extension given to Brett Clark. Although reaction on the HF Boards was not overwhelmingly favorable, all the blog articles I could find on the subject were positive (granted, two were by yours truly).


Jose Theodore had minor knee surgery which might cause him to miss some training camp time. And, speaking of Theo, both Tapeleg and Shane mention this stellar article on his fall from grace.

Elsewhere, there's a fluffy piece on Ian Laperriere and an article (or, as the webmaster likes to call it, an "artilce") on Joe Sakic. The second one is worth it just for the photo of Joe's strange bleached jeans.

Everything hockey has two nice articles about, Forsberg and Budaj, I mean.

Adrian Dater and Terry Frei both had a blog article. Dater's covered Bill Simmons, Peter Forsberg and Theodore. Frei's was about the old Colorado Rockies, and includes a rockin' picture of coach Quenneville sans 'stache.

On the prospect front, TJ Galardi will now be playing for the Calgary Hitmen.

And last but not least: the Avalanche already have their first victory of the year! Woohoo!