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Pierre Turgeon Retires For Real

Finally, after rumors first surfaced back in June, Avalanche center Pierre Turgeon has announced his retirement from the NHL.  After 19 seasons, 1294 games and 1327 total points, "Sneaky Pete" has hung up his skates.

Considered one of the most cerebral professional hockey players of all time (think Igor Larionov but without the charisma), Turgeon earned the unfriendly moniker of "Tin Man" due to his apparent lack of heart on the ice.  Formulaic, hesitant and often mind-numbingly soft, Pierre still managed to put up impressive numbers on the ice for most of his career.  His unbelievable hand-eye coordination often compensated for his lack of other qualities found in most NHL players---like, say, guts and a backbone.

While he was a superb offensive player during the 1990s, his time with the Avalanche was anything but stellar.  In 79 total games (across two seasons), the fading playmaker managed only 53 points.  He spent most of 2006-07 sidelined by injury and should have retired years ago.

His career stats:

Despite overall point totals that would suggest a Hall of Fame induction, many in the hockey community are opposed to letting the Tin Man in.  He never won a Stanley Cup, has only one trophy (a Lady Byng) to his name and has no notable accomplishments in international play.  

Whatever happens, Turgeon can look back on a long, successful career and plenty of money in the bank.  And no matter what, he's still got a little piece of rubber at home with the number "500" scrawled on it.  Not many players can say that.