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Lappy Will Stick Around For A While

The Avalanche organization continues making all the right moves this off-season, first with superb free agent signings, then with the retention of important players from last season, and now with a contract extension for one of my favorite Avs: Ian Laperriere.

Lappy will play for the Avalanche at least through the 2008-09 season, continuing to fill the important role of third line winger and gritty enforcer.  One of the smaller scrappers in the league, Lappy can fight with reasonable success and sometimes score with reasonable efficiency.  Though last season he scored only eight goals, in 2005-06 he scored 21.  He's offensively capable, if not always successful.

Aside from his contributions as a fighter and a power forward, Lappy is also an important veteran leader, providing the comic relief and brash outspokenness not found in quiet captain Joe Sakic.  Lappy makes a great alternate, that's for sure.

I'm glad to see him stay on the team and hope he gets to finish out his career in Colorado.