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Avalanche Rookie Camp Report

Without Mile High Hockey's awesome members, I would be completely up a creek, so to speak.  This blog is as much a community effort as it is my own personal soap box, and that's exactly what I intended.

To that point, MHH members lowayne and thedoctor have posted their accounts of the action at the ongoing Avalanche Rookie Camp.  I can't be there myself, being stuck 2000 miles away at the moment, so I rely on guys/gals like them to fill in the blanks for me.  And they've really come through!

Be sure to read their initial impressions from the camp in this detailed diary post (and in the comments).  Good stuff.

According to them, the real standouts have been TJ "The T Stands For Tiny" Hensick, Chris Stewart and d-man Kyle Cumiskey.

Cumiskey has already had a taste of NHL action, having played in nine games last season, and it appears he is ready to make the jump to the big league.  He's playing his ass off in rookie camp.  For evidence, lowayne submits the following video:

I'm tickled pink that he's taken the time to post something so valuable to all of us as Avalanche fans---especially those of us (including me) who don't have the luxury of actually attending camp. Thanks a ton!

For more on the Rookie Camp happenings (or "campenings", as I like to call them), check out this Denver Post article about Chris Stewart.  And don't miss this photo of Mitch Love (who looks like he's 40 years old) totally wrecking Brandon Straub.  Ha!

Also, MHH member Jori over at AvsProspects has been a posting machine lately, and her links and reports from Rookie Camp are worth checking out as well.

Anyone else with insights from the camp, please chime in.  Consider yourselves official Mile High Hockey field reporters.