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Getting Left Behind: The Avs In The Northwest Division

Things are not looking good for the Avalanche in the Northwest Division standings.  It's still extremely close, with just ten points separating first-place Vancouver from last-place Edmonton, and just five points between fourth-place Colorado and the Canucks.  But the more games the Avs lose, the more chances their rivals have to widen the gap.  Obviously.

Take a look at the points trends for the season so far:

The Avs started the season relatively well, then sputtered a bit but picked up the pace again  between games 30 and 36.  Since then, not so much.  This has allowed Vancouver and Calgary to close their gaps and move up some spots in the standings.

Calgary especially has been on a huge tear for the past 16 games or so, with just a brief stall around game 37.  They're now in a solid second-place in the division while Minnesota and the Avs tread water with some frustrating losses.

Even Edmonton is improving.

Whatever it takes to right the ship, the Avs better figure it out and do it NOW.  Their standing in the division (fourth) and their place in the conference (ninth) are lousy and must be improved.  There is no excuse for such a deeply talented team.