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Searching For Paul Stastny

Paul Stastny was named to the Western Conference all-star team yesterday, the lone representative from the Avalanche (Sakic would have made it if not for his Super Hernia).  While Dater at the Post ran a nice brief article about Son of Stastny's place in history with his father Peter as just one of seven father-son all-star combinations, I'm more concerned about Paul's lack of star-caliber play as of late.

Because I just can't get enough of line graphs, here's another.  Below is Paul Stastny's points total as tracked over all 43 of his games so far:

Notice the crazy pace he was on early in the season, and notice the second spike in scoring around game 29.  Unfortunately, he hasn't been very consistent at all.  Notice the numerous flat spots in the line---scoreless streaks.  Stastny began the season as one of the NHL's scoring leaders, chasing Henrik Zetterberg and Vincent Lecavalier for the top spot and an eventual Art Ross Trophy.  But things aren't going very well now.

For comparison sake, I created a graph tracking Stastny's scoring with Sydney Crosby's.  Though Crosby doesn't currently lead the league in points, somehow I have a feeling he'll be walking on to that off-season stage in a tux again just like last year.  Notice how consistent Crosby has been scoring points:

Now, I understand that Crosby's points don't have much of anything to do with Son of Stastny's, but I just wanted to get a little perspective.  Stastny is obviously one of the best young players in the NHL, and will surely enjoy eventual superstardom, but as of right now, he's far too inconsistent to make a lasting impression on hockey fans or on his own team.  

I hope he gets going again and finds that spark that drove him early on.  How are we supposed to worship the ice he skates on if he ends up finishing 27th in scoring at the end of the season?

But anyway, congrats on the all-star nod, Paul.  I'm sure it won't be your last.