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Do the Avs need to go fishing?

With the injury to Super Joe and Captain Mullet Canada, should management do something to shore up the scoring heading into the playoffs?  If so, who's out there worth looking at?  We here at MileHighHockey want to hear from our faithful readers.  Who's out there that can step in to the team, either short-term or longer that will help the Avs turn around the recent struggles and get back into viable playoff contention?

Keep in mind that in the not-so-new-anymore NHL, the $$ has to work too.  I refer everybody to NHL Numbers for all the low-down on the cash situations.

Don't forget that Colorado will have to send something of value the other way in any potential trades.  Let's keep the "Vinny Lecavalier for Tyler Arneson" jibberish to a minimum.

So let's hear those well though out arguments on why the Avs should be looking a certian players, or if you're on the other side of the aisle, why the Avs should stay pat and weather the storm.