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Game 44: Avalanche At Hurricanes, Preview And Open Thread

Well, the Avalanche take on another defenseless Southeast Division team tonight.  This time it's the Carolina Hurricanes, who are allowing an average of 3.3 goals per game and suck on the penalty kill.  That's all well and good, but Colorado just lost to the Capitals (only scoring one goal against them), and Washington is not exactly a defensive powerhouse either.

I'll save all the bitching and moaning I could write here, and instead just say that the gap from first place in the Northwest Division to the Avalanche isn't getting any smaller.  Now there's a three-way tie for first among Calgary, Vancouver and Minnesota.  The Avs are five points back and Edmonton is winning games again.  If things don't turn around and the offense doesn't get their shit together, this season is as good as done.

Last year the Avs waited until game 65 to really get rolling---and it wasn't enough.  This year they can't wait past game 45.  

Let's get some goals!

Game starts at 5:00 PM Mountain time, 7:00 PM Eastern.  I won't be around.  Please keep the thread rolling along and I'll do my best to join in at some point.  Go Avs!

ESPN preview.