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Theodore Channels Roy, Unfortunately

In last night's game against Florida, Jose Theodore made two separate stick-handling mistakes that nearly cost the Avalanche the game in regulation.  His flubs reminded me of the good ol' days when Patrick Roy was still in Burgundy and Blue, and not in a good way.

Turns out, I'm not alone:

"I've got to learn from that. I thought I could play the puck like I did. Hedgie was kidding me — he was saying I was like Patrick Roy back in the days," Theodore said.

Oh man.  I remember watching Avs games in the late '90s and early in this decade, watching Roy go skating behind the net, often for no reason, and get this close to giving up the puck to the opposing team.  I can remember screaming my head off at least three or four times a game, "Get back in goal, Roy!!!"  I swear no memory of Patrick Roy is burned as deeply into my brain as his horrendous stick-handling behind the net.  He may have been magic between the pipes but outside of the crease he was a nightmare.

Milan Hejduk and I remember those days.  Anybody else?  Anybody remember specific times when Roy's out-of-the-crease antics made you want to throw your TV out the window?