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Change Is Coming...

Just so you're aware, the entire SportsBlog Nation network is getting a radical overhaul in the next few weeks.  The look, feel and functionality of every blog under the SBN umbrella---including this one---will be changing significantly.  No more old-school Scoop design scheme.  No more mid-90s aesthetic.

I'm excited about it, but also a little wary.

There will be some changes to the username system, in that they will be network-wide instead of blog-specific, so if your username is "Joe," or something equally common like mine, you'll probably end up having to pick a new one.  However, since the process involves claiming your old username, all the comments/posts you made under the old name will remain yours and will change to reflect your new username, if you chose one.

Trust me, it seems like a pain but it really won't be.  

I can't give you any more details than this right now, but I'll keep everyone posted on the changes so you don't log on one day and think the world has ended.

Just thought I'd let everyone know.  More to come...