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Son Of Stastny Out For 2-3 Weeks

Wouldn't you know it, the injury curse continues for the Avalanche.

Paul Stastny started experiencing pain in his abdomen, and tests revealed a sick appendix.  He'll require surgery and will be out 2-3 weeks to recover.

Considering that the all-star break is coming up within that time frame, Son of Stastny will miss fewer games than he would at any other time of the year.  Also good news, appendix surgery is extremely simple and requires little recovery time.  

Unfortunately, Stastny will miss his first all-star game, which he had been voted to play in as a reserve for the Western Conference.

Oh, and the Avs won't have a first-line center AT ALL for two weeks of the regular season.  TJ Hensick is being called back up from the AHL to fill in, but he'll be joining Tyler Arnason and Jaroslav Hlinka as the three "scoring" centers on the team.  Though those three haven't really done a lot of scoring this year.

Hopefully they'll figure out what the hell they're doing, and quick.

I'm starting to suspect Scott Hannan is to blame for all of this.  He came over as a free agent with high expectations, then pretty much sucked through the first two months of the season.  Everyone around him keeps getting hurt (Skrastins, Hejduk, Sakic, Smyth, Arnason, Lappy, Sauer, Leoprone, Svatos briefly, and now Stastny) while he keeps on keeping on.  Sure, he's playing better now, but his teammates are dropping like tuxedo pants on prom night.

San Jose knew something the Avs didn't when they let him go, I just know it...