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Notes: Game 40, Coyotes at Avalanche

Phoenix against Colorado tonight. I've got the Altitude feed. Same goalies as on Monday – Bryzgalov vs Budaj.



20:00 The Guite line starts, with Cody McLeod on the left wing instead of McCormick. McCormick apparently is hurt. No Smyth, of course. Looks like no Skrastins either.

19:33 The Avs go on the PP right off the bat. Sjostrom to the box for elbowing.

18:48 Liles creeps into the slot, but his shot goes wide of the net.

15:34 The first line gets out at even strength for the first time – Wolski is playing in Smyth's spot.

15:07 Now we've got Hlinka, Svatos and Brunette. The 4th line is Hensick, Richardson and Scott Parker.

14:23 Guite and McLeod attempt a repeat of McLeod's goal on Monday, but McLeod sends it wide.

14:01 Lappy breaks Hensick with a beauty of a head-man pass. Hensick is behind both Coyote defensemen, but can't beat Bryzgalov.

10:56 I was about to mention the Coyote's jerseys (I really like the red added to the shoulders this year), when it dawned on me that the two teams wore the wrong jerseys on Monday. Even though they were in Phoenix, the Coyotes wore white and the Avs wore the darks. I wonder why?

8:26 Gretzky looks barely awake on the Coyote bench.

7:33 Penalty on the Avs. Hlinka for cross checking.

6:46 Reinprecht scores. There's a scramble for the puck to the left of Budaj. Reinprecht grabs it and banks it in off of Budaj's pad. Gretzky still looks barely awake on the Coyote bench. 1-0 Phoenix.

5:43 Hey look, Steve Reinprecht scores! Someone shoots it from the slot. Budaj makes the save, but gives up a meaty rebound. Reinprecht is the only guy there, and he has an easy backhand to score his 3rd goal in 2 games. Man, why can't we get players like that?

4:41 Oh joy – Tyler Arnason is due back soon. Hurray!

4:21 Did that come across as sarcasm? It should have.

3:23 McLoed drops the gloves against Winnik. Must have been fired up by hearing Kashmir at the last stoppage. Winnik tags McLeod with a big right to start things off. McLeod gets a few punches in, but I have to give this one to Winnik. I noticed that Reinprecht headed off to the Coyote locker room ahead of Winnik.

2:20 Fun goal for Svatos. Cumiskey tries to spring Hlinka like Lappy did with Hensick earlier. He misses, but Hlinka is the first to the puck in the corner and dishes to Svatos in front. Bryzgalov makes the first save on Svatos, but can't do anything about the rebound. 2-1 Phoenix. They give the 2nd assist to Leopold, but he was the guy on the left boards who moved it to Cumiskey. That scoring should get changed.

2-1 Phoenix after 20.


20:00 Altitude has finally caught up with me – they showed a replay of Cumiskey's pass to Hlinka.

19:43 Reinprecht is back on the bench to start the 2nd.

17:09 Big save by Budaj. Reinprecht had a sneaky attempt at a hat trick, but Budaj wasn't fooled.

13:00 We're in the middle of a long stretch without a whistle. Well, technically, I don't know if it's the middle or not. You get the idea.

11:58 Svatos ties Reinprecht. Bruno does what he does well – feeds a guy in front with a gorgeous pass from behind the net. Svatos beats Bryzgalov over his glove to tie the game.

11:46 Parker, um, tries to put some Coyote in a head lock…while they are skating. Not sure what to call that.

9:24 Svatos' hat trick bid is turned aside by Bryzgalov.

0:00 The period ends 2-2. Colorado was the better team for most of the 2nd period.


17:44 Guite gets his stick up on York, and Phoenix is going on the PP.

15:40 Good, solid kill for the Avs.

14:03 Not much to write about here – really tight play all around right now.

13:21 The Avs laughable PP is making an appearance. Sjostrom for hooking.

13:06 Clark and Liles on the point. Bruno is on the wing instead of Wolski.

12:03 Brunette was inches away from the Avs taking the lead.

11:13 A big chance by the Avs, but it turns into a 3 on 1 for Phoenix. Budaj makes a terrific save to keep the game tied.

8:59 Things have opened up a tad.

4:32 Uh oh. Svatos goes off for tripping Winnik. I have a feeling this doesn't end well.

3:11 I hate myself for being right. Reinprecht finds Doan alone in front, and the Coyotoes go up 3-2. What a crappy turn of events.

2:16 Sjostrom gets his 3rd penalty of the night with a high stick on Brunette. Gretzky wakes up on the bench. This would be awesome if the Avs had any sort of a PP.

1:57 Budaj is out, giving the Avs a 6 on 4.

1:22 6 guys and Wolski is still playing the point.

:57 Phoenix seals it when Vrbata scores on the empty net. It's Vrbata's 17th goal of the year. Yikes. Gretzky seems almost happy on the bench. For some reason, Quenneville calls a timeout, as if the team had any sort of a chance.

:36 Reinprecht gets his hat trick. What a treat.

And that’s it. Pheonix wins 5-2. The Avs atrocious power play is really causing damage in the standings.