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Bold Prediction?

I can't believe I missed this a couple of days ago.  Dater goes out on a limb and predicts Foppa's future:

I’m going to predict right now that Foppa is an Avalanche again, before the season is through. I think it’s going to happen. Friends of his say he wants to come back to Denver. But here’s the caveat: if the Avs fall out of the playoff hunt because of these injuries, it might influence his decision. Then again, Forsberg has always had a bit of a savior complex, so he might welcome the chance to get the Avs into the playoffs while Sakic and Co. are still out.

Really?  He hasn't even really decided if he can still play hockey, let alone decide if he'll return to the NHL, let alone decide which team he'll play for.  Has every team that wants Peter Forsberg even had a chance to make him an offer?  Have any?

I'd love to know what led Dater to make this prediction, but I'm just sitting here in my underwear in my parents' basement, so I can only imagine what amazing sources of information actual press members are privy to.  Oh the magic of the mainstream media...