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Stats: Last 10 Games

Something I'm going to do a little more of is in the 2nd half of the season is to include a few more statistical updates. I might even get around to updating the stats page, but no promises.

Last 10

That's how everyone's fared over the last 10 days. Svatos and Bruno are leading the way with 8 points each. Jeff Finger has as many points (4) as Milan Hedjuk does. Guite, McLeod and McCormick have 56 hits between them - or about 35% of the team total (158).

In just 6 games since coming back from the IR, Tyler Arnason has matched his hit total from last year (2).

Speaking of hits, in the last week John-Michael Liles has surpassed his LY totals in both hits (33 this year, 31 last year) and block shots (71, 68). His offensive struggles have been well-documented, which, unfortunately overshadow the fact that he has improved substantially in his own end.