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No Avs At The All-Star Game

Dater made it official today:

There will be no Avalanche player at this weekend’s NHL All Star Game in Atlanta. The NHL has decided no current, unhurt Av merits inclusion...

...I was under the impression the NHL had to name another Avs player if one got hurt, but that is not the case. It is recommended that league personnel name a player from the same team, but they don’t have to. They decided not to.

Dater seems to think that Marek Svatos got snubbed, but I disagree.  Sure, 20 goals is great, but the guy is so ridiculously one-dimensional (not to mention that 23 points in 45 games is not good) that sticking him in the All Star game just to have a representative from the Burgundy & Blue would cheapen the already silly Western Conference lineup.  Honestly, Manny Legace over Pascal Leclaire?  Really?

And let's not forget, though Joe Sakic would have made the team had he not been injured, he wasn't putting up great numbers this year, either.  The only Avs player who really deserved to be there this year was Son of Stastny, and even he hasn't been all that consistent.  

I think the lack of a giant A on the Western team should motivate the Colorado Avalanche to get their asses in gear, from the front office to in front of the crease.  This mediocrity crap is getting old quick.