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Video Fun With The Denver Post

Because they're on the cutting edge of technology, the Denver Post web site today features a brief video that begins with an up-shot of Adrian Dater's beautiful mug (good lord he's tall), features interviews with Lappy and Guite, and then transitions seamlessly into Coach "Why Am I Still Employed" Quenneville's press conference.

Because Scoop is retarded (figure of speech), I can't embed the video without causing an html meltdown, so I'll just let you click it the old fashioned way.

Here's the link.

The best part is the fact that Coach Q has absolutely no voice left at all after he went ape shit over that too many men penalty in the third period.  All his gravely-voiced charm is lost when he's that hoarse.  How am I supposed to be turned on by him now?  His mustache alone isn't going to cut it.