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Are Liles' Days In Denver Numbered?

In case you're interested in paying for speculation and wild rumors (I'm not), you can check out the ESPN Insider post about the Hurricanes scouting John-Michael Liles.

Or you can just read about it for free at the Denver Post.  I'd choose the second option, personally, but that's just me.

So last night the 'Canes were in The Can checking out the Avs' favorite male model.  If he knew about it prior to the game, that might explain why he was playing like a completely different player last night against the Wild.  He was rushing the puck, passing and shooting like a forward and more or less being the player he was supposed to be all along.  If scouts being in the stands is why he played so hard, then you have to assume that he's thinking "get me off this sinking ship."  

If he didn't know in advance, well, then it's just about damn time he started playing that hard.

Also in attendance were scouts from the Caps, Rangers and Leafs.  All but the Rangers have serious goaltending problems, which leads one to assume that Jose Theodore was being watched as well.  Too bad he gave up a couple of softies and lost the game.  We could have been rid of him.

Again, I kid the goalie, I kid.