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Brad Richardson recalled

Just yesterday, I posted an article at MHH lamenting the declining output in our 3rd and 4th line. At the end, I mentioned that Brad Richardson actually had a good season last year centering our fourth line and jokingly asked "What ever happened to him, anyway?". It was funny because when Richardson was demoted on January 6th, it sure sounded like we wouldn't be seeing him back with the Avalanche anytime soon.

Well, he's back. There's been room on the roster for one more player since David Jones was sent down last week. And, since Richardson is just one of 13 "natural forwards" on the team, and one of those forwards is Scott Parker, the odds seem to be pretty good that Richardson will get some playing time.

I'm as happy to see him as I am surprised. This team is struggling to put pucks in the net and doesn't have the luxury of keeping a guy like Richardson (14 goals last year) in the AHL.