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Dater's Got A Crush On Some Foppa

Adrian Dater indirectly responded to his fellow Denver Post hockey reporter Terry Frei, who openly lobbied for the Avs to trade for Marian Hossa, by suggesting the same thing many MHH readers have already suggested: sign Forsberg instead.

Marian Hossa's name has been tossed around of late as a possible Avs savior via the trade route. But unless Giguere has a guarantee of re-signing the Atlanta star and impending unrestricted free agent, he should forget it. Hossa would cost too much in a trade, and in a salary cap age, Giguere shouldn't trade draft picks as his predecessor often did.

Instead, Giguere should have his scouts thoroughly analyze a certain free agent from Sweden — Peter Forsberg — and outbid anybody else when/if he decides to return. Forsberg could be terrific on the ice again, and his presence alone would guarantee sellouts the rest of the year at the buzz-challenged Pepsi Center.

Dater and Frei are totally gonna wrestle over this, I know it.  Considering Adrian is like seven feet tall, Terry better watch out.

In all seriousness, though, both of these proposed options---Hossa and Forsberg---are full of "ifs."  The Avs should trade for Hossa IF they can guarantee a long-term contract.  The Avs should sign Peter Forsberg IF he's healthy and IF he even decides to return to the NHL at all, something he hasn't done yet.  

There isn't a sure-fire option on the table at all, which makes the outlook for February (10 of 14 games on the road, no Smyth or Sakic until March) all that more grim.