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Budaj Unveils New Mask Design

By popular demand (see: one email), here are two shots of Peter Budaj's new goalie mask design, courtesy of the Avalanche web site.

Looks pretty sharp to me:

I like the larger Ned Flanders on the back and the Avalanche logo on the front is pretty impressive.  Very swoopy.  The shadowy figure on the side of his helmet is from the video game Assassin's Creed (see game art here), which I fully approve of, because I am a nerd.

I just wonder if the new mask has some kind of defect that obstructs Budaj's vision, because he sure as hell didn't have his eyes open during the third period of last's night's game.  Zing!!

Addendum: Super special thanks to MHH stalwart Jibblescribbits for both totally calling the Assassin's Creed artwork and also for dropping this post on the Uniwatch comments thread.  Welcome fellow Uniwatch devotees!