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After weeks and weeks of rumors and speculation, it looks like Peter Forsberg, the Greatest European Hockey Player Of All Time™, is about to make his triumphant (if not hobbled) return to the National Hockey League.

Let the slobbering begin:

As reported by TSN on Wednesday night, Forsberg's agent Don Baizley has been given permission by his client to start the process of talking to NHL teams that may be interested in his services.

Forsberg told Aftonbladet that he informed Modo management of his decision on Wednesday, a day before the Swedish league's contract deadline.

As many as a dozen NHL teams have reportedly expressed interest in signing Forsberg for the remainder of the season.

Considering the ridiculous bidding war that's about to begin, I wonder if it would even be possible for the Avalanche to sign Peter Forsberg for a reasonable sum of money.  I mean, how much does a ruined ankle cost these days?  Canadians, please don't say "nothing," just because you a-holes have universal health care.  Big whoop.  We in the US get massive police escorts just to go to the psych ward of a local hospital, so you can see now why it costs us so much.  It's totally worth it.