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The Most Depressing Paragraph Ever

From Dater:

Smyth's injury capped a miserable seven days for the Avs, during which captain Joe Sakic had hernia surgery and they lost four consecutive games — three at home, including one to the NHL's worst team, Los Angeles. The Avs were in first place early last week, but have fallen to fourth in the Northwest Division, and after a home game Saturday against the New York Islanders, they will begin a tough five-game road trip. Only Tampa Bay and L.A. have worse road records than Colorado's 6-10-3.

I'm having trouble sleeping these days.

But really, it's probably not as horrible as we're all starting to believe it is.  The Avs still have a LOT of talent on the roster.  Just because they have absolutely no idea how to play together like a real team may seem like a major issue, but disfunctional groups of skilled athletes have succeeded in the past.  No examples come immediately to mind, but I'm sure somebody can think of something.

Anyway, the Avs are still five games above .500 despite the four-game losing streak.  That's not terrible.  And they're just five points out of first place in the Northwest.  It could be worse.  Just for some perspective, the Avs were 19-18-2 at this point last season.  They're definitely doing better so far.

Now if they could just win a game again.