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Richardson demoted

In the continuing effort to clear all forwards off of our NHL roster, Brad Richardson has been sent to the AHL. Actually, he was sent down to make room for Tyler Arnason, a case of reality being funnier than my own joke.

Richardson has been caught in the ice time / production vicious circle this year. He hasn't done much, which results in less ice time, which results in lower production, which results in less ice time...and so on and so on and so on. It speaks volumes that Richie missed last night's game, and I didn't even notice until afterward.

I really like Richardson, and I don't think he was given a fair shake with the team - he was miscast as a 4th line player last year. He isn't, and he kind of got stuck in a role he just isn't suited for. With all due respect to Adrian Dater, I don't know that I buy Richardson reinventing himself as a "grinding, checking, irritating player". I have a tough time picturing his body standing up to that sort of rigor. I still think Richardson can be a scorer in the NHL...but it sounds like this particular opportunity has passed him by for now.

But who knows? Maybe Joel Quenneville will call him up to play defense next week...