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I Thought Something Looked Strange

If you look at the photo posted in the previous entry, you'll notice Rick DiPietro, the Islanders Goalie For Life, wearing all-white Itech goalie pads.

When I noticed this, I thought to myself, "that's strange, he's wearing all-white goalie pads."  Not something you see very often.  In fact, it's pretty rare that goalies wear all-white anything, let alone leg pads.  Sometimes a quick change of teams will force them to wear a white mask for a while until their new paint job is finished, but overall it's pretty rare.

Well, that's not the only thing about DiPietro's pads that were noteworthy.  The NHL went so far as to check to see if they were even legal to wear at all.  When Ricky first wore them on January 3rd against the Panthers, everybody freaked out and the officials made him take them off.  Then, after being thoroughly inspected by whoever it is that ensures the legality of goalie leg pads (they obviously aren't keeping an eye on Roberto Luongo), DiPietro's pads were cleared.  His first full-game use of them was against the Avs.

Unfortunately for him, in both of the games in which he's worn those new Itechs, his team has lost in overtime.

Just thought I'd mention all this because I'm a uniform nerd.  Please go about your business.