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Game 42: Avalanche At Red Wings, Preview And Open Thread

Man, things just don't seem to be getting any better for the Avalanche.  Sure, they beat the Islanders a few nights ago, and yeah, they're still very much in the playoff hunt despite being fourth place in the Northwest Division.  Buuuut, Tyler Arnason will likely return to the lineup tonight.  Unless that broken wrist somehow sparked a desire to play hockey, we should expect more of the same lifeless play he displayed earlier in the season.

Also in the "bad" column is the fact that Coach Q, despite a stack of experience that's now taller than he is, has slipped back into his goaltender carousel insanity.  Jose Theodore will get the start tonight against the Red Wings, his second start in a row.  Why?

Quenneville said Theodore "is coming off a really strong game (against the Islanders), and I thought he played really well against Los Angeles the other day, too. He's got some momentum here, and let's give him an opportunity." . . .

Give him an opportunity?!  Seriously, how many opportunities does a rotten goaltender really deserve?  This whole thing is really starting to make me crazy.

And as Draft Dodger pointed out over at ITCS, I'm not the only one going insane---Terry Frei has lost his marbles, too.  God bless him.

Also making me see red on just about a constant basis is the ridiculous success of the Red Wings this year.  67 points?  At the half-way mark?  This team is on pace to reach or surpass 60 wins, something that hasn't happened since Detroit last pulled it off in 1995-96.  The Avs won the Cup that year, though, so maybe that scenario will play out again.

Yeah right.

I will almost certainly not watch this game at all tonight, due to the fact that the Avalanche will likely be beaten pretty badly.  Sure, they could pull off a huge upset and I  would always regret missing one of the best games in team history, but I'd get over it.  I trust all you faithful MHH heroes will be here keeping the thread alive in my absence.  As always, I'm forever in your debt.

The game starts at 5:30 PM Mountain time, 7:30 PM Eastern.  

ESPN preview.