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Game 43: Avalanche At Capitals, Open Thread

Here's the thread for tonight's game against the Capitals.

I would write a decent preview post but I don't really see the point.  Like I said over at Japer's Rink today, it's a game between a team with no offense and a team with no defense.  Hardly exciting hockey.

Addendum:  Mike is way less lazy than I am and submitted this preview to me via email today.  For your reading pleasure:

Thought I might give you some fodder for the preview, since I keep a
pretty good eye on the Caps since I have a massive man-crush on Ovechkin.
 Also, if I think anymore about the Avs PP, coach Q. (notice the lack
of capitilization), Richardson in the A, the possibility of an Arnason
sighting, Cumiskey as a healthy scratch while Skratch plays 20+
minutes, Theo likely in net, etc.  my head may explode, or you'll read about me going on a rampage somewhere in OKC.

Things to look for in the game tonight:

Washington is 5-2-3 in their last 10 and 6-3-1 in their last 10 home
games.  New Coach Boudreau has them playing a much more aggressive system
and it seems to be paying off.

The Caps have the 19th ranked PP, 16th at home.  Just for grins, the
Avs have fallen to 29th overall and 30th overall on the road.  The Washington PK is
21st overall and 23rd at home.

Don't count them out.  The Caps have stormed back and won some
impressive come-from-behind games lately.  Ovie can put this team on his back
and get them back into almost ANY game.

Watch Ovie away from the puck.  Watch the way he skates and the way he
turns and cuts to find open lanes for his teammates to get him the

Kozlov  plays really smart and patient with and without the puck.

Watch Kolzig after the Caps get possession in his end after a save.  He
gets up slower than any goalie in recorded history.  Don't be deceived
though, cuz I think he's just pulling a Jim Brown (always make 'em
think you don't have anything left in the tank).  He's still lightning
quick and MASSIVE in the net.

Mike Green is for real.  He will be the anchor that they build the Caps
blueline around for years to come.

Nylander is not nearly as efficient with the puck as he was in NY.  He
and Jagr complete each other.

Defensemen Poti and Pothier are day-to-day.  Hopefully a depleted
blueline will help the Avs.

Nick Backstrom is on a point-per-game pace right now and trying to help
Ovechkin shoulder some of the offensive burden.  He's doing a good job

If Semin plays, he'll remind you of every young Euro the Avs have ever
had high hopes for (Vrbata, Svatos, Wolski, etc.) in recent years.
 Except he seems to want to keep his job every night.  He's been hobbled by a nagging ankle injury all season, so he may not make an appearance.

For the record, I'll probably keep my new Ovechkin jersey in the closet
tonight.  I wouldn't mind him and Green having good nights for the
sake of my fantasy team, but I'd REALLY like to see the Avs get a road
victory.  If they play like they did against the Red Wings, they might.


Thanks, Mike.