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Notes: Game 43, Avalanche at Capitals

The Avs take on the Capitals tonight. I've got the Washington feed. That means I get Joe Beninati for the 2nd straight night. Oh, lucky me. I wonder how many times he'll mention the absence of Joe Sakic tonight? Last night, it was about 50. Craig Laughlin will be the color guy.

Theodore gets his 3rd straight start, facing off against Olaf Kolzig. TJ Hensick has been sent down to the AHL, which presumably means Tyler Arnason will make his return this evening.



20:00 And it looks like Quenneville has shaken up the lines tonight. Svatos starts the game with Stastny. I can't quite see the LW. I think it's Brunette.

19:10 I think that's correct, as the 2nd line is Wolski, Hejduk and Hlinka. The defensive pairings appear to be intact.

18:57 Laughlin: "Theodore when he's on his game, he stops the puck. When he's not on his game, it goes right through." Man, that is some very insightful information right there. I wonder if that would apply to, say, every other goalie in the world?

18:47 Third line is Guite, Lappy and McLeod

18:13 The first Ovechkin sighting. He looks good. Damn.

17:47 And the most fucked up 4th line in the history of the NHL: Tyler Arnason, Cody McCormick, Kyle Cumiskey. I can’t think of one complimentary skill that any two of these players share.

17:25 And would you believe the Caps get an extended visit into our zone with that line on the ice?

16:06 The Stastny line gets some solid pressure on Kolzig. Their first scoring chance of the evening.

14:23 Two extremely awful shifts from that Frankenstein 4th line tonight. And counting.

12:53 Frederic Cassivi is the backup for the Capitals tonight. I had no idea he was still playing hockey. Cassivi is the guy we traded to get Brett Clark.

12:19 Holding penalty on McLeod. That's an offensive zone penalty I could do without.

11:19 Wolski making another appearance on the kill. He got his first substantial shift the other night against the Islanders. He hasn’t looked bad at all.

5:00 Stastny looks to be on his game tonight. It would be nice to see him break out of the slump tonight.

3:32 Finger and Bradley square off. Bradley goes in for a hit on Finger and Finger ducks under the hit, forcing Bradley hard into the boards. From there, they must have had words and gotten together – but they showed almost nothing on the replay.

2:49 Holding on Michael Nylander. He put quite a bear hug on Hlinka.

2:46 Okay, what do we have here. Stastny, Svatos, Brunette. Clark. Liles. Two defensemen, everyone playing their normal position. Can this be real?

1:57 Liles falls down and the turnover springs Gordon shorthanded. Clark took down Gordon on the way to the net. Could have been a trip, and, honestly, probably should have been a trip.

:42 0-18.

Just 6-4 the shots (Washington had the 6) as the teams skate through a tight 0-0 first period.


17:34 Too good chances. Clark on a point shot and Guite with a one-timer from the slot.

17:21 Are we really seeing three straight good games from Theodore? He slides across to stop a shot on the 3 on 1.

16:55 Eminger pushes McLeod to the ice after the whistle. McLeod takes a wee bit of umbrage with the move.

15:52 Svatos is broken in all alone and Morrisonn makes a great play defensively to break it up at the last minute. Not a great play – a sensational play.

14:47 The Avs are getting some pressure this period, but still not many quality shots.

13:10 Ovechkin finds the post.

10:49 Lots of hitting by both clubs. The pace has picked up. The first period was kind of slow, but it's turned into an entertaining game.

10:05 Hooking penalty on Hejduk. I didn't see it, and Hejduk seemed a bit confused by it (he had already sat down on the bench).

9:24 Statue of Liberty by Theo after a glove save. I wish he wouldn't do that. Ever since the Roy flub against Detroit in the playoffs, I've hated that move.

7:54 Big save by Theodore, stoning Laich on the breakaway. Man, if I didn't know better, I'd think he had regained his touch. I know better, though. This is just a big setup.

7:22 Ugh. Liles clears it over the glass. Delay of game for the Avs.

6:37 "Theodore's been the difference in this hockey game." Yep, he has.

4:43 For the 2nd time in two games, Svatos gets back defensively to break up a play.

4:03 That Mike Green is something to watch. He goes end to end, weaving around different Avalanche players before rifling a shot off the post.

3:08 Not to belabor the point, but that 4th line looks utterly ridiculous. It's like 3 headless chickens out there. All three seem to be doing their own thing.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->0-0 <!--[endif]-->After two. The Avs need to get more (and better) shots on Kolzig if they want to pull this one out.


18:42 If I had to drink every time Beninati mentioned Sakic, I would be completely shitfaced right now.

17:09 Well, there goes that. Laich wins a faceoff, gets it to Bradley and then slides over into the slot. Bradley gets it back to Laich, and he one-times it over Theo on his blocker side. Theo was screened on the play, and really had no chance.

15:20 Stastny isn't lacking for effort tonight. He just gets up-ended while driving hard to the net against 3 Capitals. Lots of effort…but nothing to show for it.

14:59 Beautiful save by Theodore on Fleischmann after Hannan got beat. He will be in net on Saturday, I'm sure.

12:46 Hey, we're going on the PP. Hurray!

12:40 Q is sticking with Clark and Liles. That's encouraging.

11:05 Clark was TERRIFIC on this shift, keeping a number of pucks in at the point that Wolski, Hejduk or Sakic would not have managed. Unfortunately, Laing lays down to block two of his shots and the Avs fail to score.

7:11 Brashear crunches into a linesman. That's had to hurt.

6:34 Brunette backhands it on the net, and Bruno and Hlinka both had stabs at the rebound. Man, I hate that we're going to lose another game like this.

4:00 Yep, there's the nail for the coffin. Steckel and Laing skate in on Hannan and Cumiskey (playing defense…don’t even get me started). Steckel has the puck on the wing. Hannan has him. Laing is going to the net, followed by Cumiskey. Hannan goes to the ice, Steckel centers the puck. Theodore slides across to move in front of Laing…and the puck hits Cumiskey's stick and bounces right to where Theodore was just a millisecond before. An ugly little fluke of a goal that puts the kibosh on any thoughts of coming back tonight.

3:21 Svatos breaks the shutout streak. Wolski makes a great pass to Svatos in the slot. It's now 2-1. And we're still going to lose.

:53 Theodore is off.

:32 Beauty of a kick save on Arnason.

:13 And another save on Arnie. Meh.

And that will do it. Another good game by Theodore squandered by a lame offense.