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Game 2: Avalanche At Oilers, Preview And Open Thread

Colorado Avalanche
Edmonton Oilers
0-1-0 October 12, 2008 0-0-0
Rexall Place
Edmonton, AB

Hmm. Let's try this again, shall we? After impressing fans with their new fast-attack offense, the Avalanche still failed to deliver the goods against the Bruins in the season opener, losing 5-4. The defense was shaky in their own end (while being awesome on offense) and Peter Budaj looked a little nervous and unready, despite a super pre-season showing.
Now the Avs face a divisional rival, a team looking to rebound after two years of suck that followed a Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 2005-06. The Oilers have a lot in common with the Avs, having some fine young talent and a former backup goalie who looks ready to take the starting job and run with it. Like the Avs, they're not expected to finish the season especially well, but they're definitely a contender for a playoff spot. The Avs could be battling with the Oilers all season for the second or third spot in the division. Or the top spot, if both teams get a little lucky.
The game starts at 6:00 PM Mountain, 8:00 PM Eastern, and it should be a pretty good one, no doubt about it.
ESPN preview.