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Game 3: Avalanche At Flames, Preview And Open Thread

Colorado Avalanche
Calgary Flames
0-2-0 October 14, 2008 0-1-1
Pengrowth Saddledome
Calgary, AB

Third time's a charm, right? Let's hope so.
I'm not going to wear myself out writing what everybody already knows. The Avs need a win, and Peter Budaj needs a strong performance. The Flames, those stupid, evil Flames, will no doubt be playing pretty hard tonight, since they also are winless in two games. But the Flames suck and I hate them. Hopefully they go 0-81-1 like everybody's afraid the Avs are going to do. Nothing would make me feel better than the Avs crushing the spineless Flames under skate for the first win of the season.
Hopefully Coach Granato sees no reason to change up his lines. They're working great so far, and that's blatantly clear. The only change he should make is to dump Arnason for Hensick.
The defensive pairings aren't bad either. The defense just needs to communicate better, switch from zone to man-to-man when appropriate, and keep sonsabitches out of the slot.
The lines that need some adjustment are the power play lines. The PP is still kind of lost and not putting enough pressure on the opposition. Remember kids, you have one more player than the other team, it shouldn't be that hard to score, right? Cycle, shoot, rebound, shoot again.
Finally, Peter Budaj needs to develop x-ray vision, an extra leg and the ability to fly. Only then will he be able to silence his many critics. Honestly, the guy could cure testicular cancer while stopping 45 shots and the jerks at the Post would still think he was lazy and useless.
Everybody calm down. Third time's a charm. Let's do this.
ESPN preview.
(Oh, and somebody please pick a good goal girl for the game. We have yet to have a goal girl in a thread so far this year and we need one really bad. Remember, images under 400 in width and no nudity.)